Does Rosetta Stone Work?Along with many other people who are planning to learn a language or already in the process of learning, you are no doubt looking for tools to help and Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular so it surely cannot have escaped your notice but does rosetta stone work?

You could go and read one (or more) of the many Rosetta Stone reviews which can be found online these days. Such reviews typically cover all the major features in great detail so you can get a good idea of what to expect from the software.

Customer feedback posted online is also quite often included in reviews of the product and these certainly help inform you of the worth of Rosetta Stone and reading them does indeed suggest an answer to the question “does rosetta stone work?” – overwhelmingly the answer is “yes” it does work.

However, there are of course some caveats. A blanket claim that “Rosetta Stone works” is not too useful or even necessarily accurate. It does not exist or function in a vacuum – you can’t just switch it on and go off to make some coffee then come back and find yourself magically speaking a foreign language! It is imperative to actually use the system correctly, use it in the recommended way to get the most benefit.

Rosetta Stone is a quite comprehensive language learning program with many components all designed to create what they call “dynamic immersion” which provides a language learning environment in which you are better able to learn and progress, at least in theory. You could debate which specific component is most beneficial and indeed some people learn differently than others but this is where Rosetta shines by providing a range of learning tools from the audio companion to their live online practice sessions.

If one truly wishes to make Rosetta Stone work, using all components is highly advisable and doing so steadily and consistently, making sure to absorb as much as possible along the way. Do not rush through it – we are not machines and our brains need time to absorb and process new data.

Manage your expectations – no language program can work magic and Rosetta stone is effective only if you do actually work at it. Polyglots don’t get to be that without being dedicated to the task of language acquisition. The live lesson component is particularly useful at boosting confidence and fluency but ultimately you will still need to increase your vocabulary and go out and actually use the language in real conversation either with an arranged language exchange or in the real world.

So does Rosetta Stone work? Yes it does but only if you also work – it takes two to tango!