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  • Duolingo

    A trendy new kid on the increasingly crowded block when it comes to online language courses and learning is the innovative and rapidly growing startup Duolingo. There’s no shortage of hype surrounding it, for various reasons, but is it actually any good?

  • Free Language Courses

    As everyone knows the best things in life are free and that certainly also applies to free language courses and resources which actually do exist if you know where to look. Naturally here on this blog for the terminally bad at language we’re big fans of free stuff as well and so this article will…

  • Does Rosetta Stone Work

    Does Rosetta Stone work to learn a foreign language? Can you actually learn and become fluent in a second language using the Rosetta Stone program or is it all just marketing hype?

  • Learning a Language With Pimsleur

    Learning a language is often a daunting task but many tools and methods exist to help us along and one of the more popular these days is the Pimsleur language courses using the so called “Pimsleur Method” which has proven to be a fairly effective method for quickly grasping the basics of learning a new…