Memory Improvement Games

memory improvement gamesThere are many ways one can boost the brains ability to remember things, at least in theory, however not all are a whole lot of fun but fortunately memory improvement games make the process a little more enjoyable and perhaps even more effective because of that.

It pretty much goes without saying that having a good memory is of great benefit to language learners as the process basically depends on remembering a large vocabulary of foreign words, along with the sometimes complex grammar rules which bind it all together so that we can actually speak without it all becoming too close to gibberish. As mentioned in a previous article one key factor in memory is simply getting enough sleep and if you have insomnia issues then that will quite likely affect your ability to learn. Good nutrition, or in other words a healthy balanced diet, is also important for your brain and your ability to learn and remember new things. Needless to say, exercise too plays its part in this and overall the old and well known maxim ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ is as true today as it ever was.. stay healthy and you will feel better, cope with stress better, sleep better and ultimately learn better.

But I digress, back to the fun stuff! Learning a language with Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone is not always the most wildly exciting process no matter how keen we may be to acquire that new language, but at least now we can boost our memory through the use of specially designed memory improvement games which will in turn make the language learning process more effective.  But what games and where are they, you may be thinking now.. well the ever useful BBC have kindly provided the answer to that and you can find it here – a whole load of games and techniques to whip your brain into shape! Make sure to browse around all the other pages there as they provide lots of really great brain and memory related stuff which you can benefit from and naturally being the BBC it is all free so you have no excuses!