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  • 5 Languages You Must Learn and Why

    If you’re reading this blog now it is probably safe to say you are interested in learning languages and understand the benefits and importance in being multilingual, but which five languages should you learn and why should you learn those? 1. Mandarin – you don’t have to be a Firefly fan to know that Chinese…

  • Study Spanish

    There are many good reasons to study spanish and there are also a great many methods, tactics and even educational technologies which language learners can employ to reach their ultimate goal of speaking Spanish fluently before old age strikes them down. Read on for our in-depth discussion on learning spanish..

  • Romance Languages

    An ever popular choice amongst language learners and prospective Polyglots are the so called Romance languages. The (surprisingly large) family of Romance languages includes Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and many many more. Romance languages descended from Vulgar Latin, which was the version of Latin spoken in the Roman Empire by the soldiers, merchants, slaves and…