The internet and more specifically the web is always a great and ever growing source of information and new and exciting ways to waste our precious time online. There are now what often seems like an infinite number and incredibly diverse range of blogs and needless to say that includes many language related blogs, so it is about time I mentioned a few of the best language blogs on this one.

Now of course I like to think that Bad at Language is the best language blog ever in the history of best ever blogs and you will no doubt be immensely surprised to hear that there are in fact others out there which are rather good and some might consider to be even better! Shocking I know but the truth will out.

So below are a small selection of the best language blogs that I know about – it is important to point out that this list is not exhaustive and the web is a big place so there are no doubt other great blogs I don’t yet know about (feel free to let me know if you have a great language blog as well!). Also this list is in English and the list below is also only including blogs in english, I’m sure there are loads of similarly great blogs in other languages. If your blog doesn’t get mentioned, please don’t be offended and just accept that is purely down to ignorance or laziness on my part.. 😉

Fluent in 3 Months – as the name implies this is all about becoming fluent in a new language in as little as three months and is a blog by Irish polyglot Benny Lewis who travels around the world acquiring new languages like other people acquire a sun tan. His blog features masses of tips and motivation based on his own vast experience of learning languages. He has also distilled all his knowledge and experience of language learning into a great course that teaches how to learn any language.


Omniglot Blog – this blog is by another speaker of way more languages than the most of us mortals can ever hope to master, he also created Omniglot which is a fascinating encyclopedia of writing systems and languages and features over 600 languages and more than 180 writing systems! His blog is updated frequently and between that and the main Omniglot site, provides a really great source of language related knowledge.


The Polyglot Dream – Luca is a polyglot from Italy and his blog offers a wide selection of very interesting, informative and entertaining articles on languages and learning. He also has a bunch of great guest posts from other polyglots and language fans and you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy there so go and check it out.


That’s enough for now I reckon, my choice of the best language blogs of the moment, all packed with enough good stuff to keep any language learner or linguist busy for ages. Certainly there are many more out there but you’ll just have to go and Google them yourself if you’re still craving even more language blogs!