Language exchange is a proven effective method for learning and further understanding different languages. It utilizes mutual language learning through the use of partners who both speak different languages, allowing them both to exchange their knowledge in a positive environment. It has been used for hundreds of years and can even be used for learning multiple languages at once. There are many different local language exchange communities across the world, and in our era of technology, the use of online language exchange has become very popular through various language exchange sites.

In this day and age, many colleges and universities have used language exchange, as well as online language exchange for their students as it is such an effective and fun method. It is a good method for students because it promotes genuine communication of the particular foreign language not just in a classroom setting. While formal language skills must still be utilized (grammar and writing) language exchange is still a very effective learning tool.

As mentioned before, with such a large growth of the internet, including social networking and VoIP technologies (voice over-IP, a platform that allows users to verbally communicate with one and other using their computers and internet connections) the use of online language exchange has become more and more prevalent. This gives students access to a large selection of learning partners across the world through language exchange sites and personal connections, making it much easier for them to find partners for nearly any language they wish to learn and practice on. The use of VoIP technologies and instant messaging among others have helped many to exchange knowledge of the languages that they are fluent in, granting a more comfortable experience for those who are internet “savvy”, as well as form online and local language exchange communities.

Language exchange sites and communities are great for everybody, not just students. Establishing long time learning partners can increase productivity in the learning of any particular language, and also allow the individual to have more fun doing it as partners often become close friends in the process. There are many different language exchange sites that are perfect for those either looking to find a steady learning partner or form a language exchange community, giving the individual a detailed interface making it much simpler to connect with others, almost becoming a complete social network that is completely dedicated to the learning of new languages. VoIP and instant messaging, as mentioned before, have become useful methods for online language exchange, and being able to use either of them is a very good thing as it gives the individual the option between voice and text based communication, appealing to both auditory and visual learning styles, making it more comfortable for those who prefer one over the other.

As said, language exchange is an extremely effective and enjoyable method for language acquisition, and while it cannot replace formal grammar and writing training, it still serves as a useful tool for establishing genuine use of communication using any particular language.