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  • What to do after Pimsleur

    So you’ve invested a significant pile of cash in all three (or maybe even four) levels of Pimsleur language courses and you’ve slogged through them all in the recommended way, one lesson per day every day for the last 90 days at least and now you’re at a loose end – you’re wondering what to…

  • Learn Irish for St. Patrick’s Day

    Learn Irish for St. Patrick’s Day

    Well today is St. Patrick’s Day again which means Irish people and those that appreciate “the craic” will be drinking to excess in celebration of the good saint himself, or something like that. For those of a more sober disposition (which admittedly is very few on this day) what better way to celebrate your inner…

  • Say it, Don’t Just Think it!

    Say it, Don’t Just Think it!

    One of the key points I’ve found through hard experience is that when learning a language you really have to actually speak it – by which I mean you must say the words out loud instead of just in your head.

  • Celebrity Language Teachers

    Celebrity Language Teachers

    The seemingly staid world of foreign language instruction may not strike one as the typical place where celebrity is created but in actual fact celebrity language teachers are thriving these days, commanding seriously huge fees and reaching millions of students. Is it a good thing?

  • Learning Spanish

    Learning Spanish

    As Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it stands to reason that learning spanish is both greatly in demand amongst students but also it is a highly useful language to learn which can open many doors, personal and professional.

  • Pimsleur Approach Scam

    If you are interested in learning another language one of the many products available to help with the process and one of the better known such products is by Pimsleur. However, perhaps because it is so well known and ubiquitous on the net these days the phrase “pimsleur approach scam” apparently often comes to the…

  • Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone

    There are many reviews around of Pimsleur and Rosetta but it can be useful to see how they compare so here is Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone – which is better?

  • Language Learning Action Plan

    Language learning action plan for those that think themselves terminally bad at language.

  • Language Learning

    A remarkable and useful interest is taking foreign language courses and instruction. Wherever people live and whatever they may do during this life they should find obtaining fluency in a second language will provide a lot of benefits. There are many ways to set about learning a language, or to ease in the overall vocation…

  • Spaced Repetition

    Space Repetition Systems or SRS use a technique which is sometimes also known as graduated interval recall for learning and remembering words or other data through repeated exposure at varying intervals.