In the not too distant future (Mar. 31, 2013 to be precise, according to IMDB) the awesomely epic show “Game of Thrones” returns to our feverishly awaiting TV screens with the whole new and exciting season three.

Eager GoT fans around the world, not to mention Swedish pirates, are counting down the days and fortunately we don’t have very long to wait now although many would say it is still far too long – we want more and we want it now!

While I haven’t yet read the undoubtedly brilliant books by George R.R. Martin, (A Song Game of Thronesof Ice and Fire) and so I have no idea what season three will bring, who lives and who dies (horribly) or who will be king and who will be shorter by the head, I think it is safe to say that the Dothraki will make an appearance sooner or later and so we can expect to hear more of the cool Dothraki conlang. So in preparation for this momentous event, surely now is the time to dust off your Dothraki language skills and unleash your inner barbarian so you can fully immerse in the Game of Thrones experience, right?

Winter is coming here after all..